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    Just Imagine
    Written by John M. Thompson & George M. Schultz
    Illustrated by Wodin

    Reading Level:?Ages 3-9
    Size:?11" x 11"
    Anything is possible when you Just Imagine. Join a group of inventive children as they blast off to the moon, explore a deep dark swamp, and sail their trusty skiff alongside dolphins in the seven seas! Whether your adventures take place in your own backyard or at the ends of the earth, the possibilities are truly endless. By trusting that you are always in safe hands, the world is yours, no matter how far you travel!

    From authors John M. Thompson and George M. Schultz comes this dazzling book of poetry, encouraging children to unleash their creativity and explore the world, always feeling safe and confident in God’s hands. Each vibrant illustration by Wodin features gentle, loving hands that protect and empower the children on new adventures. When all you have to do is Just Imagine, dreams really do come true!

    Just Imagine received the Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence in 2007.?
    About the Author
    John M. Thompson began a spiritual quest in the mid-1970s that eventually led to the formation of Illumination Arts Publishing. He and his wife Arrieana live in Bellevue, Washington.

    George M. Schultz began exploring the spiritual dimension of life during his 40-year career as a nuclear engineer. In 2004, he discovered his passion for poetry, opening a rewarding new avenue for his creative expression. George currently lives in Renton, Washington.
    About the Illustrator
    Wodin, a Viking word meaning fearless warrior, is the painting name chosen by Steve Jameson to overcome childhood shyness. When not painting, can often be found with his puppies exploring his beloved South Carolina coast in an old pick-up truck or canoe.
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