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    The Whoosh of Gadoosh
    Written by Pat Skene
    Illustrated by Doug Keith

    Reading Level: Ages 3-Adults
    Binding: softcover
    Size:?8.5" x 11"

    About the Author
    Pat Skene wrote The Whoosh of Gadoosh because she knows that inspirational stories bring healing magic to the hearts of children. An avid storyteller, Pat visits schools, hospitals and libraries delighting children with her whimsical tales. She hopes to continue the outreach of her magical character, Gadoosh, as an animated children's series.
    About the Illustrator
    Doug Keith's versatility earns him a wide range of illustration projects, including posters, fine art commissions, and more than forty illustrated books. He resides in Seattle, Washington, with his wife, Beth, and daughter, Corie. The award-winning artist has also?illustrated?The Errant Knight,?Something Special, and?What if...?for Illumination Arts.
    Gadoosh is one colorful character! Known for her wild purple hair and magic buttons, she creates a topsy-turvy hullabaloo wherever she goes. With pops and bangs, poofs and splats, she whooshes the kids like acrobats.

    The children love Gadoosh’s wacky ways but are determined to find a solution to her homelessness. They hope she can live at school, but their teacher, doesn’t find her crazy antics quite so amusing. Follow along as best friends Jake and Jaimy lead everyone to a place where Gadoosh’s magic is needed every day—a place where healing starts with laughter.

    Author Pat Skene and illustrator Doug Keith have created a brilliant tribute to imagination, compassion, and inner beauty. Spreading fun and laughter along the way, this zany adventure leads the children all around their community, from the neighborhood park to the classroom to the children’s ward of the hospital.

    Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best New Voice and honored by the Children’s Book Sense 76 List, The Whoosh of Gadoosh inspires children to serve themselves and their community through the power of laughter.?
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